The Benefits of Installing Smart Outdoor Shades

Motorized Outdoor Shades

There is nothing like relaxing on the patio or porch, watching nature and the neighborhood stroll by as you sip on an ice cold glass of lemonade… ah, perfection. That is, until the bugs descend and the sun is in just the right position as to where it glares directly into your eyes.

Luckily, there’s a solution: motorized outdoor shades.

Sure, you could don a pair of sunglasses or bust out the bug spray, but these are temporary fixes that don’t address the bevy of other issues that arise when you are simply trying to relax on the porch.

Motorized patio shades, like this style from SmartWings, are the modern solution to nearly every obstacle you may encounter while on the patio. With smart home capabilities and eco-friendly technologies, motorized outdoor shades can help you revitalize your love for the great outdoors.

Still not sure if they’re right for your home? These are some of the biggest benefits motorized outdoor shades have to offer.

1. Installation is a breeze.

Right off the bat, SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are a cinch to install and can be easily added to any enclosed or semi-enclosed patio, porch, or window. With such a simple setup that is a snap to install, you can be relaxing on the patio with minimal downtime.

2. Connect to smart home systems for a hands-free experience.

Not only are these motorized patio shades entirely cordless, they are compatible with smart home systems, like Google, Alexa, HomeKit, and SmartThings. Unlike traditional outdoor blinds, SmartWings patio shades don’t require any extra effort on your part to open and close. For example, with an Alexa device outdoors, you can simply say, “Alexa, close the shades” and continue to relax in your patio chair.

No outdoor Alexa? Not to worry — SmartWings motorized patio shades can also be controlled via app or remote control, making them easy for the whole family to use.

3. Say goodbye to the sun in your eyes.

As much as we love the sun, sometimes it can be a little too much. Luckily, SmartWings motorized outdoor shades block up to 92% of UV rays, protecting your eyes and skin while cooling the area. This also protects patio furniture, flooring, and decor from direct heat and sun damage. Better yet, shading the exterior of your home results in a cooler interior, making your home more energy-efficient.

4. Relax on the patio in peace.

Nothing ruins relaxation like prying eyes. If you have nearby neighbors or live in an urban environment, it can be difficult to retain a sense of privacy while spending time outside. In addition to blocking UV rays, motorized outdoor shades also help obscure the view, stopping nosy neighbors in their tracks.

5. Block out the bugs.

Especially at night, insects of all types flock to the patio in droves, attracted by lights or food. While it is nearly impossible to stop them completely, motorized outdoor shades feature tightly-woven materials that prevent many bugs from entering your patio paradise.

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