Work With Google Assistant

Use SmartWings smart link to set up, manage, and control your shades from Google Home. Take advantage of the Google Assistant to control your shades with your voice in a natural way.

The log-style master bedroom is equipped with a simple mattress, a four-piece set, a beige sofa, and camel-colored smart blinds.


A lady gets back home and voice controls the Google Home device to open the smart blinds.

Natural Interaction

If you have rooms set up and the Google Home device that hears you is assigned to the same room, any general command to control your SmartWings shades, such as "raise the shades" or "open the shades," will only apply to that room.


Use the Google Assistant app to control the shades thru a hub.

Super Compatibility

With SmartWings hub, one-click link with Google Assistant. After connecting your App account and Google account, you use Google Home Smart Speakers to control devices that work with Google Assistant. For example, you can say, "OK Google, please open the shades."



Percentage Control

Set an exact point for your shades to be fully open (zero percent) or fully closed (one hundred percent), and tell Google Assistant to position your shades anywhere in between.


Speak Naturally

To control your SmartWings shades with the Google Assistant, simply start with "OK, Google" and follow up with commands like "open," "close," or "close halfway." Your shades will respond to these straightforward commands.


Consolidated Control

SmartWings provides you with the products to power your shades but the Google Home app makes it easy to set up and control a number of your smart devices, all from one place.


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