Work With Google Assistant

Through Smart link Hub direct integration with Google Assistant, you can now control your SmartWings blinds with only your voice, using simple commands. Those voice commands trigger scenes & routines, which can also work with other programmed smart home products, such as Phillips Hue lighting. Create smart home scenes via your smartphone, tablet, or computer; then execute them through Google Assistant. No need to find your smartphone / tablet and open the app to launch your scene.

  • Google Home connect with the smart shades via smart link hub.
  • Use voice to control your SmartWings shades.
  • Use voice to group control.
  • Control shades with setting routines such as "voice and schedule".
  • Control shades with the SmartWings wireless remote.
  • Choose any kinds of the smart motor with add smart link hub. It can be supported Google Home and Google Assistant.

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