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Matter is the new standard for smart homes. SmartWings Matter shades powered by the innovative Matter over Thread protocol, integrate with your favorite smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and more. Eliminate the concern of device compatibility - with Matter, every product will work together for the most seamless experience.

To get started with SmartWings Matter shades, you'll need

How will Matter upgrade SmartWings shades

Using Apple Watch to control the shades

One Unified System

All of your Matter-compatible devices include SmartWings Matter shades can work together. Select a major platform and relish the seamless user experience.


Faster & More Reliable

Thanks to Matter over Thread, all of your Thread-enabled devices at home connect together to create a reliable mesh network. let your devices always in reach, say goodbye to delays.


The shade automatically close at 10:30 PM


Matter is designed to work entirely locally without a cloud, no one else can access, store, or process your personal data, safeguarding your privacy.


Wider Range

With many Thread-enabled devices at home, the Thread mesh network gives you a stronger connection and wider coverage within your home.


Simple Setup

Add SmartWings Matter shades to your app by simply scan the Matter QR code. You can also scan or share the same code to connect to a second Matter-enabled smart home system.


Battery level shown on the app


All of the smart home products will finally agree to speak the same language in the future - Matter. The SmartWings Matter shades you buy now, will continue wok together with the newest Matter devices to be launched in the future, which means your smart shades will never go out of style!


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