Work With Multiple Integrations

SmartWings' smart link and smart link pro work seamlessly with multiple smart systems and platforms, providing you with more control and flexibility in operating your motorized shades alongside your other smart home devices.


Globe, books and smart-link pro hub are on the table.

Home Automation Systems

The Smart Link Pro from SmartWings enables easy and reliable integration of our motorized shades with most major third-party home automation systems, giving you centralized control of your motorized shades from within each system.


Samsung SmartThings

If you're already using a SmartThings hub at home, you can enhance your smart home experience by pairing your SmartWings Zigbee / Z-Wave shades with your other smart devices. Simply connect your smart devices to the hub, create your own rules and automation, and enjoy the convenience of a fully integrated smart home.


Bright sunlight shines through the shades in the open kitchen.

Home Assistant

Enhance your smart home setup with the added convenience and control of our SmartWings shades. These innovative window coverings are designed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant, the popular home automation platform, and are powered by the reliable Raspberry Pi.


Pink comfortable sofa in front of the living room window.


SmartWings motorized shades have Zigbee / Z-Wave motor option, it supports both set level and set position. Set level is exposed through the switch level capability so it's available in Groups and Scenes. You can ask Alexa to "set living room to 80%" or "set living room to 80" and it'll close the blinds to 80% closed and list the blinds as "partially closed" for any kind of rules you'd like to trigger off of.


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