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With the support of design consultants, customer service, and a highly experienced R&D team boasting over 14 years in the smart blinds and home automation industry, the idea for SmartWings took shape, embodying the passion, innovation, and energy of our larger family. The company was eventually founded.



SmartWings bridges the gap between the intelligent needs of customers, brands, and developers with its down-to-earth research and development approach, providing a wide range of smart blinds. Our team is committed to improving the functionality of motorized shades and making consumers' lives easier through technological advancements.



We continuously strive to improve our living conditions for greater safety and comfort. Our featured shade offerings are crafted from eco-friendly materials, in accordance with OEKO-TEX, UL-certified, RoHS, Pb-free, and GreenGuard certifications. Controlled through your smart home system, they prevent hot air escape through windows, supporting your HVAC in maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round while reducing energy bills, aligned with our goal of energy conservation.



The passionate team at SmartWings is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and the elderly through its diverse range of innovative smart blinds, fostering closer family bonds by sharing the joy of smart control. Our top priority is to always have your back, safeguard privacy, adapt to complex weather conditions, and fit seamlessly into daily life so that you can be with your family.



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Smart Shades You Can Actually Afford!

These are super budget friendly smart shades for your entire house! It's an awesome way to upgrade your smart home that won't break the bank (even if you only retrofit one or two rooms).

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Impressed With How Well SmartWings Blinds Have Worked!

Smart shades can be a huge investment and it's important to know your options. I can say that they are absolutely worth it and I love the flexibility of adding Smart shades into my scenes and automations.

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My Dream Sci-Fi Home is Coming True

In this video I look in some detail at these great home automation smart blinds from SmartWings. I look at aesthetics, installation, sound, integration, ordering, manual control and what you can expect from smart blinds/shades in general.

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