Work With Amazon Alexa

To control your motorized shades with Amazon Alexa, you can either use SmartWings smart link to set up your shades or use our Alexa / Zigbee motor that is compatible with 5 versions of Alexa devices (Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Gen).

Elegant reception room, the scenery outside the window is reflected through the roller blinds


Man sitting in front of study window.

Custom Commands

Are you not satisfied with simply telling Alexa to turn your shades on and off? Customize your control of your shades by creating routines in the Amazon Alexa app and using alternative commands like 'raise', 'lower', 'open', or 'close'.


Blackout Cellular shades is raised, and the light penetrates into the simple living room.

Group Smart Devices

Enhance the comfort of your home environment with voice-activated temperature and light control by using the Amazon Alexa app to coordinate the actions of your motorized shades with your smart lights and smart thermostats.


Next to the clean desk is a dual shade to ensure privacy.

Hub Compatibility

SmartWings provides Smart Link and Smart Link Pro to enable your shades to interact with all versions of Alexa, allowing seamless connection with other Alexa devices.


On the coffee table are elegant tea sets and smart devices.

Direct Compatibility

The following 5 versions of Alexa could be directly connect to our Zigbee / Alexa motor: Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10,Echo 4th Gen, eliminating the need for an additional hub for a simpler and more direct connection.


Set Routine

Use the app to create scenes and set times to automate your shades. Automatically wake up to natural light, save energy with climate control, and create the perfect atmosphere at any time. By connecting SmartWings shades to your smart home ecosystem, you can improve the quality of your daily life, personalize your home, and enhance your living space.



Control Easily

Alexa treats shades like switches, so controlling them is similar to controlling lights. To raise your shades, say "Alexa, open..." and to lower them, say "Alexa, close..."


Scene Setup

Easily control the scenes you create in your Alexa App. Give your scene a descriptive name, such as "Good Morning," and Alexa will recognize it when you activate it with your voice.


Percentage Control

Set an exact point for your shades to be fully open (zero percent) or fully closed (one hundred percent), and tell Alexa to position your shades anywhere in between.


Getting Started

In the Alexa app go to the device menu, select the (+) icon.


Select "add device".


Select "other".


Select "Zigbee".


Click the "Discover Devices".


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