SmartWings Motorized Outdoor Shades are a Fabulous Plan for Specialty Shaped Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the eyes of the home!

Though we are accustomed to seeing square and rectangular windows, many older homes often have windows in peculiar, intriguing shapes, and more modern builds are adapting these into their plans.

As much as we love seeing unique, oddly shaped windows on homes, they present their own special issue: finding the correct blinds!


SmartWings motorized outdoor shades

 help solve nearly all the problems that come with specialty shaped windows. Here’s why you should consider them for your home’s windows, especially if they are anything but rectangular shaped.

  1. SmartWings motorized outdoor shades can be customized to fit any window.

If you have octagonal, trapezoidal, angle top, or arched windows (the list goes on), then you already know how difficult it is to find traditional blinds to fit them. You can’t stop into any old hardware store to find the right shades!

SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are great for specialty shaped windows because they are custom made to fit your exact specifications. You can select the width and height in both whole and fractional inches, and our window professionals are standing by to help you create the perfect smart blinds for your beloved, funky-shaped windows.

  1. Unlike normal roller shades, motorized outdoor shades won’t compromise the design integrity of your specialty shaped window.

Installing traditional blinds is tough on windows and while roller shades do offer some reprieve from hardware, it’s still not a perfect solution. Normal roller shades are placed inside the home, either within or atop the window frame, making it a poor alternative for specialty shaped windows as it can damage the frame. Even worse, if they are not perfectly fitted to the window, it may obscure the unique shape of the window itself.

Using SmartWings motorized outdoor shades, the blinds are fastened to the outside of the home on the window frame. Since the exterior of your home is far more hardy than the interior, this prevents damage to the window’s integrity and allows the window’s design to shine, unencumbered by pesky blinds, from within your home.

  1. Motorized outdoor shades are easy to control with smart home systems.

Many people are reluctant to install outdoor shades because they worry about convenience, asking, “Will I have to go outside each time I want to open and close the shades?”

The answer: no! SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are controlled using a default remote controller, but also can be integrated with Internet of Things smart home systems, like HomeKit, SmartThings, Amazon ALEXA, Google Home Assistant, or Smart Life.

Instead of trudging out cold each time you’d like to raise or lower the blinds, you can simply tap a button on the remote controller or say, “Hey Google, close the blinds!” and watch them lower with ease while you stay cozy on the couch.

  1. Outdoor smart blinds have an edge over indoor blinds.

Since SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are placed outside, they outperform their indoor counterparts in a number of ways. First, these UV-blocking smart blinds insulate heat far better than indoor blinds, keeping you cool in the summer and ensuring that your home is energy efficient. Better yet, they sit flush to the window and don’t feature the dreaded “gap” on each side many indoor motorized roller blinds have, so you and your family will have more privacy within your home.

If you have specialty shaped windows and want to enjoy their beauty every season, SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are the perfect solution.

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