Memorial Day: Empowering Heroes & Cherishing Peace

Memorial Day Family Gathering

How we show respect?

In our ordinary daily lives, we are used to caring for children and the elderly, worrying about whether they will encounter difficulties in their lives. However, we often overlook a group of heroes who work hard for the peace of our country—those silent soldiers and their families. They are the most secretive and great guardians of our country, stationed on the front lines out of our sight, always defending our freedom with their blood and lives.

The coming of Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to reflect and pay tribute. On the one hand, we should remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country, and celebrate their courageous spirit of not being afraid of bloodshed, and regarding death as home. They gave their lives to create the peaceful era in which we live and work in peace and contentment today, for which we should be infinitely grateful.

A female soldier holds her child and looks out the window.

Smart Home System - A New World of Independent Living for Disabled Heroes

They were once valiant warriors who fought fearlessly, defending the peace and tranquility of our nation with their blood and lives. However, the cruel reality of war robbed them of their physical wholeness, turning daily activities and mobility into an arduous journey for the disabled. Whenever we see them hobbling and treading carefully, our hearts well up with profound guilt and remorse.

Yes, we can never repay their heroic deeds, but we can empower them with the dignity and ability to live independently through the power of technology. The smart home system was born, providing a safe haven for our mobility-challenged heroes through an array of devices like smart door locks, smart lighting, and smart smoke detectors. With just their voice or a mobile app, they can control every smart device in their homes without relying on others. More importantly, the smart home system grants disabled heroes the right to live autonomously without constantly depending on caregivers, preserving their basic human dignity and privacy. Simultaneously, remote monitoring and automated management significantly alleviate the physical and financial burdens on families.

smart shades are an integral part of this smart home ecosystem. Adopting a cordless design, they can be effortlessly opened and closed via voice commands or an app—a hassle-free solution that removes the inconveniences of traditional shades for the disabled while preventing accidents. We have also partnered with National Blinds Installation to provide in-home assessments and installations.

Elderly people with disabilities using smart control roller shades

Honoring Heroes By Cherishing Family Time

As Memorial Day approaches, many people see it as more than simply a melancholy reflection, but also as a celebration of the hard-won freedoms that our brave troops pledged to safeguard. The final week of May heralds the arrival of summer, with the sun's splendor intensifying even during the peaceful morning and evening hours. However, it is during this season that families find the ideal opportunity to reunite outside and spend valuable time together.

Imagine a lovely zephyr brushing your cheek as you relax under the gazebo's sheltering canopy, chatting with loved ones over a delicious breakfast meal. The subtle rustle of leaves is combined with peals of innocent laughter from nearby children, providing a lovely portrayal of early summer's simple pleasures. Moments like these—pure family bliss—are what our deceased troops willingly sacrificed everything to safeguard.

SmartWings outdoor coverings provide a magnificent hideaway, so your family may relish such treasured moments in unrivaled comfort. They are expertly created with quality
5% openness mesh fabric, which deflects burning UV rays and oppressive heat while fostering enough airflow, creating a wonderful cool mood. Whether you're enjoying an outside meal or simply relaxing with loved ones, you'll be pleasantly protected from summer's hot embrace.

However, our sunglasses' capabilities extend far beyond sun protection. Their unique wind-resistant construction, reinforced by specialist guidewires, allows for velvety smooth operation even in gusty circumstances, minimizing disruptive flapping and unpleasant clattering against walls and posts. You may construct your personalized outdoor sanctuary by effortlessly modulating natural lighting and airflow using intuitive voice commands or our user-friendly app.

Family celebrates Memorial Day


So on this Memorial Day, let us revel in the hard-earned freedoms so valiantly secured, cherishing every fleeting yet precious moment enveloped in the warmth of family, laughter, and the steadfast guardianship of SmartWings shades. For it is in these simple yet profound instances of joy that we truly celebrate the enduring legacy of our national heroes.

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