Keep House Plants Healthy and Beautiful with Motorized Woven Wood Shades

Motorized Woven Wood Shades

Some people are parents, others are pet parents, and others still are plant parents. If you are a house plant enthusiast, you know that caring for your gorgeous greenery can be both very rewarding and extremely difficult.


SmartWings motorized woven wood shades are the perfect addition to any house plant-filled home. More than just a beautiful complement to an indoor jungle, these smart blinds make caring for your house plants a breeze.


Here’s why we love motorized smart blinds for house plants:


Motorized woven wood shades can work with the light needs of any plant.

High light, low light, indirect light—house plants vary widely in terms of their light requirements. Some house plants wither without 24/7 access to bright sun, while others can thrive in a dark clothes closet. It’s not easy finding the perfect balance!


This can be supplemented by placing the house plant in a window that faces the corresponding direction, such as placing South-facing windows for light-loving plants or East-facing windows for plants that don’t like bright light. However, not all homes have windows (or enough windows) in every direction.


Motorized woven wood shades come in a variety of opacity levels, from 100% blackout shades to 50% light-filtering smart blinds. When using the latter, this means you can easily place a low light plant in a bright South-facing window without fear of scorching the leaves on a delicate calathea.


Smart blinds let you take sunlight into your own hands.

Blinds need to be closed at night, but when you keep house plants, they need to be opened first thing in the morning to ensure that your plants get enough light throughout the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible, especially for those who don’t wake up at the crack of dawn.


As smart blinds, motorized woven wood shades are able to connect with smart home systems, such as HomeKit, SmartThings, Amazon ALEXA, Google Home Assistant, Smart Life, and more. When you connect your motorized shades to a smart home system, you can set a schedule to tell your smart blinds exactly when to open and close.


Using motorized woven wood shades, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to open (or close) the blinds. Simply use your smart home system to set a schedule and let the smart blinds work. No more wilted leaves or etiolated stems!


Even more, you can use smart home systems to dictate the level of light your plants receive each day, scheduling your motorized woven wood shades to fully open or partially open. This is great for plants with lower light requirements or that only need light during specific parts of the day, like hoyas, which love morning sun.


Installing motorized woven wood shades negates the need for a plant sitter.

Going on a trip or vacation can be a source of stress for many house plant keepers. On one hand, you don’t want to leave your blinds open for the duration of your trip, but you also don’t want your plants to wither away in the dark!


Motorized shades can be controlled with a remote control or via a smart home system app. You can schedule when you want your motorized woven wood shades to open and close while you’re away or simply press a button on your phone.


Now, you don’t need to worry about asking a friend or neighbor to stop by and open the windows for your plants—but you may still need to ask them to water a few of them!


Motorized woven wood shades are the perfect backdrop for any plant-filled window sill.

House plant enthusiasts know that sometimes, aesthetics are the least of your worries—you may have picked a perfect spot for your fiddle leaf fig, but it grows far better in another area of your home!


Luckily, motorized woven wood shades don’t sacrifice beauty for function. Available in eight different fabric finishes, SmartWings smart blinds can be customized down to the last detail to fit your specifications and can even be charged via solar panel. These high-quality finishes are gorgeous and pair nicely with any house plant collection.


These motorized shades are truly the best choice for any plant parent. With a number of made-to-order sizes and finishes and a plethora of customizable settings, smart blinds take the stress out of house plant care and allow your greenery collection to thrive. Instead of choosing unsightly venetian blinds believing they are your best option, do your house plants a favor and invest in a beautiful set of SmartWings motorized woven wood shades.

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