Thread-Enabled Shades

In order to improve device connectivity, thread technology was created specifically for smart home applications. Now, in addition to Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth, SmartWings shades may also interact using Thread. By utilizing the Thread Border Router feature present in your HomePod (2nd generation), HomePod mini, or Apple TV 4K (2nd generation / 3rd generation 128 GB), this self-healing mesh network technology improves the responsiveness, sturdiness, and reach of your smart home.



Set a time to open the blinds and remind yourself to relax.


Sunrise / Sunset

Wake up promptly thanks to the natural light shining at the sunrise time that you set the blinds to roll up. And close the blinds at sunset time to enjoy the night that only belongs to you.


Group Control

Control all the blinds with only your voice could be giggling about how astonished your guest looks.


Position Control

Close the blinds automatically once you have a distance of 150 meters away from home, or the blinds open by the app when you come back within range.


Scene Control

For some families, this could look like giving the honor of saying, "Hey Siri, close the blinds!" to the child who finishes their vegetables first at dinner.


Power Display

Does wondering how's the battery level? Still slip to the related page for obtaining the info.



Longer Battery Life

Thanks to Thread's exceptionally low power usage, batteries last a lot longer.



The Thread was designed specifically to enable devices to be extremely responsive regardless of network size and density.


Always In Reach

A mains-powered device positioned in the center and left on all the time can connect a device to the Thread network if it is outside the actual range of your Thread Border Router.


No Bridge

Use Apple HomeKit directly; no need for a second bridge.


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