BENEFITS of Smart Blinds and Smart Shades


Use your voice or remote control and even schedule open/close times.

Kids & Pets Safety

Lack of cords with motorized blinds provides a safer environment around kids and pets.

Energy Savings

Minimize the amount of energy with the use of sunlight sensors; reduce HVAC usage; reduce solar gain and prevent heat loss.

Smart Lighting

When paired with smart lighting, blinds can help maximize the amount of daylight when you need it.


With scheduled remote controlling of the smart home, it looks like someone is always home.

UV Light Protection

Your furniture and décor will appreciate less direct sun that can cause their discoloration.

Increased Home Value

Window coverings always add to the home value, but motorized blinds/smart home products make your home stand out.

Cleaner & Longer

Remote and voice control allow you to operate blinds without touching them, avoiding fingerprints and other dirt.

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