SmartWings motorized outdoor shades: A fabulous plan for specialty-shaped windows

Specialty-shaped windows are aesthetically-pleasing. They come in any shape and size and give your home a distinct appearance from the inside out. From angled windows commonly found in contemporary houses to octagonal and trapezoidal-shaped windows, you have numerous equally appealing options.

Even though they are visually pleasing, they are not without their problems. You may struggle to find the ideal cover for specialty-shaped windows that guarantees privacy, sun protection, and light management. Thanks to SmartWings, it is not impossible!

SmartWings motorized outdoor shades offer an excellent solution for you. These smart blinds provide maximum coverage for specialty-shaped windows and can fit any size, shape, or design you wish. They are multi-functional in that they not only provide regular sun protection but also serve as stylish decorations for your outdoor space.

The qualities of SmartWings motorized outdoor shades

Custom-made smart blinds

Windows come in a variety of sizes, especially when they are specialty shaped. Finding uniquely sized outdoor shades can be difficult. Even one-size-fits-all solutions do not always work.

In addition to standard sizing options on the website, SmartWings allows customers to purchase custom motorized outdoor shades. Whether you need your shades longer, shorter, wider, darker, or brighter, you can order a custom design and have it delivered in just five days. You can also request a special design for an additional fee.

Cordless shades

One of the best features of the SmartWings smart blind is that it can also be controlled manually, unlike some motorized blinds. These blinds do not have a cord, tilt rod, or chain. Instead, they have clear handles that are usually the same color as the fabric. This feature makes these blinds an excellent choice for homes with children and pets since cords, chains, and rods are suffocation hazards. SmartWings motorized outdoor shades significantly reduce the risk of suffocation or choking for children and pets.

Easy to install

Installation of a standard roller outdoor shade can be difficult and time-consuming. Many things can go wrong if not done correctly. The shade may sustain damage, accidents may occur, or the shade may destroy your home's decor. SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are a simple, easy-to-install product that can be installed by anyone with no prior experience.

Remote and voice control

You might wonder what happens when you need to open or close the shade from inside or while you are on the other side of the room. If so, you are in luck! In addition to manual control, SmartWings motorized outdoor shades can be controlled remotely using the battery-powered remote control that comes with the pack. This remote is multi-channel, meaning it can control up to 15 different shades at the same time. You can, however, select individual blinds and control them independently.

If you cannot reach the remote, you can control the shade with simple voice commands. The SmartWings motorized outdoor shades work with multiple voice-based virtual assistants, including Amazon Alexa, SmartLife, Homekit, and Google Home Assistant. The voice-control feature allows you to open, close, and adjust your motorized outdoor shade from anywhere.

Mobile app for smart timing

The SmartWings motorized outdoor shades are also compatible with the SmartWings mobile app. The app can help you improve the quality of your life in many ways. In addition to controlling the quantity of exposure, the app allows you operate the smart blind remotely and set digital timers. You can even get creative with the app and program scenes for which you will set times for the blinds to raise or lower according to the scenes. Download the SmartWings app for free from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

The benefits of using SmartWings motorized outdoor shades

Long-lasting battery

The SmartWings motorized outdoor shades come with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery. It has a long battery life, lasting from four to six months when fully charged. Given the average lifespan of motorized outdoor shades on the market, this is an extremely impressive feature. Furthermore, you can order a blind with solar panels to charge it without using electricity for an additional fee.

Superior heat insulation and UV protection

Heat insulation and UV protection are significantly better with the SmartWings motorized outdoor shade than other roller shades on the market. The fabric used in the SmartWings motorized outdoor shades blocks up to 92% of UV rays from the sun. With this feature, you can do normal things, like reading and watching TV, without squinting!


Privacy is one of the most important factors when purchasing an outdoor shade. If you are purchasing shades, you probably don’t want people looking into your house. You do not have to worry about this with the SmartWings motorized outdoor shades because they fit perfectly and leave no gap between the frames and windows. There are also different types of fabric to choose from, and depending on the type you choose, you can have maximum privacy and adequate sunlight.

High-quality motor

As its name says, motorized smart blinds are powered by motors. Your smart blind must be fitted with a reliable motor to guarantee optimal performance. SmartWings motorized outdoor shades come with high-quality, powerful motors that are durable and super quiet. These motors produce sounds that are less than 35 decibels when in operation. You also get a 24-month warranty on the motor of every SmartWings motorized outdoor shade you buy. That gets you free replacements and repairs if there are any technical defaults on it within the first year of purchase.


The smart blind you choose for your specialty-shaped window will ultimately depend on your needs, budget, and size of windows. SmartWings motorized outdoor blinds are practical, efficient, and affordable, and on top of that, they provide good coverage for your specialty-shaped windows.

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