Smart Blinds and Solar Panels

Smart blinds on their own are a fantastic way to increase energy efficiency in your smart home. Did you know that by adding a solar panel to your smart blinds you can increase their energy efficiency? 

At SmartWings, we offer you the option to add a solar panel charger to your smart blinds purchase. This addition will not only make it so you don’t have to worry about charging the blinds, but you will be powering your smart blinds with a clean, renewable source of energy. 

Let’s look at how solar panels power smart blinds and why it is a good addition to your smart blind window treatments. 

What is a Solar Panel?

If you’re not familiar, a solar panel is a device that harvests clean, renewable energy directly from the sun. Solar panels have been rising in popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and energy efficiency. 

Solar panels work by converting light from the sun into energy used to power your smart blinds or other devices. The light from the sun is composed of photons, and the solar panel collects these particles of energy to convert into power. 

Solar energy has been around for over 100 years, and your first experience with it was probably with a calculator in school. Calculators have a tiny solar panel on the front that uses the sun to power itself. 

For people who live in sunny climates such as California, installing solar panels on the rooftop is a great investment. You can even use them to get net metering benefits by sharing unused energy with the public power grid. This is an incentive for more people to install solar panels and buy electric car batteries so they can help aid in the prevention of rolling blackouts in California. 

How do Solar Panels Work? 

Solar panels work by collecting clean, renewable energy from sunlight and converting it into electricity that will power your devices. The panels are made of solar cells composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus which creates a negative charge, and boron for a positive charge. When a solar panel absorbs the photons, electrons are knocked out of their orbits and released into an electric field generated by the solar cells on the solar panel. This moves the electrons into a directional current to power your smart blinds. The process is called the Photovoltaic Effect.

Benefits of Solar Panels 

One of the biggest benefits of using solar panels is the amount of money you will save on energy. You won’t be using the electricity off the utility power grid anymore, and if you are in an area with net metering you will benefit from credits on your bill if you are sharing your solar power resources.  

Solar power will help you reduce your carbon footprint and you can feel good about using the energy to power your smart devices. If you have an entire smart home, regular utility energy could result in a very high energy bill every month. Solar panels will greatly reduce this cost without harming the environment. 

You are also lowering greenhouse gas emissions by choosing solar energy. This choice also aids in the movement to get away from using fossil fuels as a main source of energy. Not only can you use solar panels to power your smart blinds, but they can utilize clean renewable energy to power your entire smart home. 

Solar panel energy can also make your smart home more reliable. The sun is going to be a constant energy source, so in theory you will never run out. If there is a power outage, your smart home devices won’t work, but with solar energy the panels can typically save up a reserve so there is energy available even when the sun is not out. 

If you live in California or another area that suffers from rolling blackouts, solar panels will help keep you from enduring the devastating effects. You can also share your power to help aid others so they also do not have to deal with the problems severe rolling blackouts can cause. 

Solar Panels and Smart Blinds 

Now that we know how beneficial solar panels can be, let’s talk about how they can power your smart blinds. When you purchase from SmartWings, we offer a solar panel charging option for your smart blinds. 

When you purchase the solar panel charger, you won’t have to worry about making sure the motor is charged on your smart blinds, because they will be utilizing the energy from the panel. One of the drawbacks to a regular charger is that if you are out of town and the smart blinds need to be charged, you won’t be able to control them through your smart home hub. 

One of the biggest draws to smart blinds is the ability to control them from anywhere at any time, and choosing a solar panel charging device will ensure that is possible. Our solar panel charging addition is only $49.99 to add to any of our smart blinds. 


The bottom line is that solar power is beneficial to any smart home. If you are planning to purchase smart blinds, a solar panel charger will be a reliable option to ensure the motor never runs out of charge. You will not have to worry about plugging the smart blinds into a charger or power outages with a solar panel connected to the smart blinds.  

Choosing smart blinds with a solar panel is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of solar panel energy if you aren't ready to take the plunge into a whole rooftop solar panel system. Try a solar panel charger with smart blinds from SmartWings today!

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