Benefits of Motorized Shades

Are you tired of dealing with cords and having to move your blinds up and down yourself? Considered trying motorized shades from SmartWings. They make a world of difference, and can add modern technology to your home without being over the top.

Not only are motorized shades more convenient, they also look great and add a touch of technology to your home. They can increase safety, privacy and energy efficiency. Gone are the days of having to deal with messy tangled cords hanging off of your window fixtures.

At SmartWings, we offer a variety of different styles of motorized shades. Not only are you adding technology to your home, you are adding a sleek and stylish addition. Let’s look at the benefits of motorized shades for you and your home. 

Energy Efficiency 

Having motorized shades in your home can increase energy efficiency. You will have more control over the lighting in your home, and you can even set your shades on timers to open allowing in natural light at optimum times of the day. This allows you to turn off light fixtures and save on energy. 

Modern motorized shades are also optimized to increase insulation in your window frame. This will also increase energy efficiency by keeping your window frames as insulated as possible. Motorized shades will help decrease the risk of drafts, and during the summer months they will help keep the cool air in. 

No More Cords

Tired of dealing with your window shade cords getting tangled? With motorized shades you no longer have to worry about how to tie up that pesky cord. Not only can cords be frustrating, they are also a safety hazard. If you have little ones or pets running around, they can easily get caught in hanging cords. They can also be a choking hazard, as well. Eliminating the cords with motorized blinds will keep your family safe and rid you of the image of messy and tangled cords.

Sun Protection

Sun exposure can cause wear and tear on your home after time. Leaving blinds open and being out of the house all day means your furniture, floors, art and anything else in the room are exposed to the sun’s harsh rays until you get home. This can result in fading, damage and dull any colors. You’ve spent a lot of money on your home furnishings, so you want to protect them from the sun.

When you use motorized shades from SmartWings, you can set timers on your shades to close when you are not home, or even when you are home. We know you are busy and it’s easy to forget to close the blinds. Setting timers on motorized shades alleviates this issue and will protect your prized possessions.


Motorized shades can increase home security is by closing to increase privacy. If you’re out for a long day, you can time them to close during the evening so you don’t have to worry about it when you get home, or if you are going to be out late. This is a great feature, but there is another way to use your motorized shades to increase safety is to program them to open and close while you aren't home. 

Programming the shades to open and close while you are not home will give the illusion that you are. This is an excellent trick for when you are on vacation. A potential burglar could notice that your shades haven’t moved in a while and assume you are away and that your home is ripe for a break in. Having the motorized shades open and close while you are away will indicate to passer’s by that someone is there and keep your home and belongings safe.  

Increase Home Value

Motorized window shades are convenient, look nice, and add a piece of tech to your home. If you’re planning to show and sell your home, installing motorized shades is a great way to increase home value. Not only do they add value, they will look cool during showings and the motorized features can be demonstrated to wow a potential buyer.

Easy to Use 

How many times have you gotten blinds tangled up or a cord jammed when trying to adjust traditional shades? With SmartWings motorized shades, gone are the days of taking time out of your morning to get the blinds open just right. All you need to do is push a button on the remote to get your desired amount of brightness.  

Help You Wake Up Naturally

If you dread getting out of bed in the morning, installing motorized shades can help. You can set a timer on the blinds to open when you want to wake up, and you will rise with the natural light instead of having to drag yourself over to the window to let the light in before you are ready. It can also help with your sleep cycle.

Works with Your Smart Home

Another benefit of motorized shades is that they will integrate with your current smart home system seamlessly. You will be able to pair them with other devices so everything is synced up. This is especially beneficial to incorporate with your lighting system. You can program the lights and shads to cooperate with each other so you are getting optimum lighting and energy efficiency at all times.


To sum it up, there are many benefits to installing motorized shades. From safety to privacy to sun protection, switching to motorized shades will definitely be an upgrade. They are also energy efficient, and will increase your resale value. The programming features on motorized shades will ensure you never have to worry about opening or closing them again during your busy day. 

If you are interested in purchasing motorized shades, SmartWings is proud to offer a variety of styles at reasonable prices. Check out our website today.

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