Order & Shipping FAQs

How do I order SmartWings smart blinds?

1. Choose the style of the blinds or shades.
2. Choose the series of the blinds or shades
3. Select the measurements and other options you want and follow the step by step guide to further customize your smart shades.

You also can contact customer service to help with ordering.

How do I measure the windows?

Read the instructions on our How To Measure Guide.

How do I install the blinds?

Read the instructions on our How To Install Guide.

Do you ship to my country and What is the shipping costs?

Yes. We offer free shipping worldwide. No matter the size of your order. 

Can I check my order's status?

Yes, you can. After placing the order we send you an order confirmation e-mail. Once your order has shipped we’ll send you the tracking information.

Can I order larger sizes than listed on website?

Yes, please contact customer service to help with ordering any larger sizes needed

Can Smart blinds also be installed on the ceiling?

Absolutely! Our systems work universally for wall mounting or ceiling mounting.  The installation manual has a clear description for both options.

What is the difference in a 5 channel and 15 channel remote?
A 5 channel remote can control up to 5 shades, and 15 channel remote can control up to 15 shades.


Smart Motor FAQs

What should I do if my Thread motor shows "not responding"?

If your SmartWings shades keep showing "not responding", please try to refer to the following steps:

- If it's hardwired, please power off the power supply for a while, then reconnect it.

- Pull out the plugs of any hubs or thread border routers for a minute to restart them. And plugging them back in, then waiting for 5 minutes.

- Please restart your phone and try again without using VPN or iCloud Private Relay.

- If you still have connection problems, please click "Remove Accessory", and make sure that the SmartWings shade is no longer listed in the Home App. Referring to the following steps to reset HomeKit from the motor, then re-adding or scanning the shade to the Apple Home.

If these steps still don't work, please contact our SmartWings Support Team.

How to reset HomeKit from motor?

Method 1: Press and hold the button on the motor head more than 6 seconds until the motor have jogs twice. Then release the button.

Method 2: Press the "P" button on the back pad of the remote, motor jogs once. Then press the "UP" button, motor jogs once. Press the "P" button again, motor jogs once.

The red led flash 3 times indicate reset successfully.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more information.

Why the smart motor have connected with HomKit or Alexa,But it can not been controlled by App or voice.

Check the motor have been activated from the sleep mode. Check the blinds has been set up with upper and lower limits and can be controlled by remote, the following operations with the smart speakers can be moved on ! ! 

What Alexa devices are compatible with the Alexa motor?

Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Gen (Confirm that the spec of the Echo has a built-in Zigbee module, note: Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, and Echo Dot look similar to the above devices but they are incompatible)

Why the Echo 4th Gen can not support"Alexa,open/close the blinds" after paired with Zigbee motor

Echo 4th Gen support to say "Alexa, open the blinds to X%".Added custom commands in the Alexa app under the routine option for opening and shutting the blinds ,as well as a custom routine to close the blinds at sunset.

Does the customer need to remove the motor from the shade to charge it?

No, the motor can be charged while installed.  Simply plug in the charger to the USB-C connector on the motor head.

How long does the motor take to charge?

5~6 hours 

What do the green/red lights on the charger mean?

Motor LED flashes red when the open or close the shades.It indicates low battery.

Motor LED flashes green when recharge the motor.

Motor LED turns solid green when the battery fully charger

Can I overcharge the battery by leaving the charger on too long?

No. The motor and battery both have integrated overcharge protection circuits. This means that the battery will limit the charge it will accept if plugged in longer than necessary.

Can I leave the charger on the motor indefinitely?

Yes. The charger can be left plugged into the motor longer than a charging cycle requires. This makes the motor into a hard-wired solution, with a battery backup.

How long will the battery last before it needs to be recharged?

It depends on the motor model and the size/weight of the shade.Generally, the target is 600 up/down cycles.

Does the motor battery ever need replacing?

No, the battery is designed for the full life of the motor.

The shade does not work?

Motor is in delivery mode
To prevent the blind from getting damaged, the motor has a delivery mode that makes sure the shades will not be activated before installation.

The remote can not control the shades.
Pair a remote control that is able to program shades

Motor battery is empty
The motor can be charged with a USB-C cable.

Remote battery is empty.
Replace the battery in the remote.


Programming FAQs

Why am I unable to pair remote to the motor?

The pairing is a sequence that has a time limit. When you press and hold the P button on the motor head until the blinds jogs one time, you must then press and hold the STOP button on the desired remote/channel within 2 seconds, and the blinds will jog twice to confirm that it is paired.

How do I set limits?

When programming a motor for the first time, after it is paired to a channel, you should first check direction. To change direction, press UP and DOWN simultaneously. Then set limits. Adjust your top limit position, then press and hold UP and STOP until the motor jogs and beeps. Then move the shade to the bottom position and adjust its position to where you want it to be. Press DOWN and STOP and the motor will jog and beep, to confirm the limit. Then, the motor is programmed and will run as normal. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more information.

My limit position needs to be adjusted. How do I do that?

Move the shade to somewhere near where you want the limit to be. For the top limit, press and hold UP and STOP until the motor jogs, and release. The motor will be in step mode and you can adjust the position as you prefer. Then press and hold UP and STOP and the motor will jog to signal that it has recorded that limit. Follow the similar procedure to adjust the bottom limit. Press DOWN and STOP.

Please note that it takes longer to open the limit than it does to close it. This is intentional.

Why does a motor "LOSE" its limits?
  • The battery is dead
  • Someone accidentally reset the motor to factory settings
Can you hide channels that are not in use?

Yes, on a multi-channel remote, they can be adjusted to show the number of channels in use; e.g. if there are 8 motors on the job you can select it to be an 8 channel remote.

How to unlock the remote?

Press the left & right buttons together for 3s and then press the stop button.

What is channel 0 for?

All motors that are programmed to the same remote, automatically respond to channel 0. For example, on channel 0, pressing the up button will move all blinds that are programmed to that remote up.

Why can't I program another channel to my motor? I was able to pair the motor to the first transmitter, but I can’t get it to pair to the next channel.

Before a motor can accept programming from another channel or transmitter, the limits must be set so that the motor is in normal operational mode. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more information.

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