Why Risk It?: Traditional Venetian blinds can be deadly, upgrade to kid-friendly and pet-safe smart blinds instead.

Keeping your family safe and out of harm’s way is the top priority for most parents, whether you have human children or “fur babies.” It’s in our DNA to protect the ones we love, especially when they’re cute!

What you may not know is that traditional blinds and shades pose a life threatening danger to children and pets that cannot be understated. Fortunately, smart blinds without cords are a safe and simple solution that negate the risk of injury and death.

Here is everything you need to know about using motorized smart blinds to keep your loved ones safe (and why you should replace your old blinds with them).


Why are traditional corded blinds so dangerous?

As terrifying as it may be to think about, it is important to understand why traditional blinds are so dangerous for children and pets. The reason is deceptively simple: the cords.

The internal and external cords used in traditional blinds are made of braided nylon or polyester, making them extremely durable and nearly impossible to break. Unfortunately, this durability is why they’re so dangerous—if a child or pet gets caught, the cords will hold fast and make it difficult for them to escape.

According to a 2018 study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), roughly 16,827 children were injured by window blinds from 1990 to 2015.

Of the injuries involving children under the age of six, nearly all were due to strangulation. The most horrifying part is that two-thirds of the strangulation cases resulted in death.

These numbers do not include the injuries or deaths of pets caused by window blind cords, but one could estimate they may be even higher.

At the urging of the public and the CPSC, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) stated later that year that blind cords should be safer, ordering manufacturers that cords on custom-made window blinds cannot be longer than 40% of the height of the window covering.

Unfortunately, this solution is not good enough. The presence of any type of cord presents a danger for children and pets. Shorter external cords will not deter a playful kitten or a curious child and this ruling does not account for internal cords, which are still present in traditional Venetian blinds.

Even more, this ruling only applies to window coverings manufactured after 2018 and does not require homeowners or landlords to replace pre-existing blinds with safer alternatives.

Window coverings shouldn’t be dangerous. You shouldn’t have to worry that your loved ones will be harmed by an everyday household item without your constant supervision.

This is why SmartWings is dedicated to offering families the safest solution: motorized smart blinds. Each selection of SmartWings smart shades—from fully light-blocking 100% blackout shades to semi-sheer 50% blackout shades and everything in between—doesn’t require dangerous, life-threatening cords to function.


Unlike traditional blinds, motorized smart blinds are cordless and pose no danger of strangulation to children or pets.

Many people believe that cords are a necessary evil—how else would you open and close your blinds? Fortunately, the motor in “motorized roller blinds” means that they are completely hands-free.

Smart blinds, like these 70% blackout Safari-style shades, are operated using a simple remote control (or smart home systems, more on that later!). When you want to open or close the smart shades, simply press the corresponding button on the remote control and the mechanical motor within the blinds will spring to life, completely negating the need for cumbersome and dangerous external cords.

External cords may be the largest culprit behind child injuries and fatalities, but internal cords are a lurking danger. As the external cord is pulled, the internal cords tighten to draw the blinds up using remarkable tension. Like a finger trap, they can quickly tighten around a toddler’s fingers or a curious kitten’s paws, injuring the trapped appendage due to lack of blood flow.

Every set of SmartWings motorized smart blinds is made using a complex and customizable fabric blend that are tightly woven, so there is no danger of small fingers or paws being trapped.


Smart blinds are more durable than traditional blinds.

There is nothing worse than coming home to realize your dog has chewed a hole in your vertical blinds, leaving a massive hole in the middle so that he could see outside.

Or perhaps your cat became stuck in the internal cords and was lucky to free herself, but tore up the whole window blind in the process.

Luckily, the smart blind fabrics mentioned earlier are durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear (even some paws and claws), preventing sharp edges due to damage and keeping your smart blinds looking beautiful for years to come.

Still, we don’t recommend letting your cats use your smart blinds like a jungle gym!


Motorized smart blinds can be controlled by smart home systems.

Smart blinds aren’t just safe, they’re fun, too! The words “fun” and “window blinds” may not seem like a likely combination, but using smart home systems (like HomeKit, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and more) makes opening and closing the blinds fun for the whole family.

For some families, this could look like giving the honor of saying, “Hey Alexa, close the blinds!” to the child who finishes their vegetables first at dinner. For others, this could be giggling about how astonished their cat looks when they realize their owner is controlling the window shades with only their voice.

As an added bonus, using a smart home system to control the motorized smart blinds means that you never have to worry about losing the remote controller ever again!


Smart blinds help give you peace of mind. 

You can find the perfect SmartWings motorized roller blinds for every room of your home, customizing every aspect along the way. Completely cordless, these smart blinds ensure that you will never have to worry about whether your loved ones—human or animal—will remain safe in your home.

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